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    Foods to Avoid on the Daniel Fast



    You can eat any type of fruit on The Daniel Fast, including fresh, frozen or canned fruits, as long as they contain no artificial flavoring or coloring. Added sugar also is not allowed. Following the same guidelines, you can also eat any type of vegetable on The Daniel Fast.


    You can eat only unleavened bread made without yeast or baking powder. No processed or refined breads are allowed, whole grain flatbreads or breads made without yeast, available in health food stores, can be eaten. You can also eat unrefined brown rice, barley, oats and other whole grains.


    During The Daniel Fast, you cannot eat any meats, including poultry, fish or dairy products. Alternate sources of protein include soybeans, nuts and legumes.


    You can drink only water and fruit juices containing no added sugar or other ingredients during The Daniel Fast. That means no teas, coffee, milk, soft drinks or alcoholic drinks allowed. You may have distilled, filtered or spring water.


    No processed foods that contain additives are allowed on the diet. Allowed oils include high-quality oils such as canola, coconut, grape seed, olive, peanut and sesame oils, according to Ultimate Daniel Fast. You cannot have butter, lard, margarine or solid shortening. No dairy products are allowed. You may have peanut butter made without preservatives or other additives not on the approved list.


    Herbs, salt, pepper and other natural seasoning are allowed, as long as they contain no disallowed ingredients.